Google SEO Best Practices

Google SEO Best Practices

In this article you will know some key steps in the process of SEO & Ranking your Content on internet HIGH.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Google: SEO is a process of making your site better to search for Search Engines.

As we all know that approximately 90% of the internet market share of having a company is  Google.

So that means If we want to get more visitors, clients, buyers, & viewers we have to follow the guidelines of that system maker called GOOGLE.

By following the Google SEO Best Practices, we can get our required results & rank our business, Blogs & other web content.

Let’s dive a little bit deep into Google SEO best practices.

1. Get an understanding of how Google identifies the content

Many experts have their own point of view but the reality is Google’s AI is updating continuously as the Researchers get developed as exactly Google gets developed itself.

According to Google:
Google understands & makes content search engine friendly in 3 steps

  1. Indexing
  2. Crawling
  3. Serving

What is Indexing?

In this Google SEO best practices article we are now going to discuss the main & simplest step.

This step is 78% ~ 80% responsible for the results for the remaining two steps

In this process basically, Google identifies where the content is available & what is its path (Link).

To make this process better we have to do some sub-steps related to this step.


1: Sitemap submission.

2: Integration of Google Analytics.

3: Seo Friendly Slug (Link/URL) creation.

The above steps will help Google to analyze what we want to create about & where exactly it is available.

For more useful information in deep visit the link: How Search Works as indexing

What is Crawling?

In this step, after gathering the basic information about information(content, Image &, etc.) search engine calculates the ranking quality of the content.

In simple words, crawling is the result and the fruit of our research to improve the indexing process.

Tip: If you want to get excellent & ideal results from this process try to produce keyword-oriented data.

For more useful information in deep visit the link: How Search works as Crawling

What is Serving?

The process of assigning the rank in search to specific content is called Serving.

In simple the search rank you got on your target keyword is serving & the result we got is totally dependent upon,

how close we fulfill the requirements of Indexing & Crawling.

Summary :

In this article on Google SEO best practices, I try to give you an understanding & a detailed idea of how Google wants you to do SEO

to improve your online availability as you want in the accommodation of Google SEO best practices.

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